Our Work

We’ve been fortunate to work with some great partners across the world.

  • Thinkwell Group

    Thinkwell Group

    The Snug created a completely customized WordPress multisite to support the global brand, Thinkwell Group, and their growing network of partners.

  • Learning Heroes

    Learning Heroes

    Learning Heroes needed a CMS to support their growth and give them the power to manage and publish their own content. The Snug facilitated the migration of their existing site into a CMS platform in 2016 and we've been inseparable ever since.

  • NYU Gallatin Displaced Urban Histories

    NYU Gallatin Displaced Urban Histories

    When the Displaced Urban Histories wing of NYU's prestigious Gallatin school wanted to move their exhibitions online, The Snug was the obvious choice due to our considerable experience in the world of education.

  • 12Twenty


    When 12Twenty needed a new partner to extend their branding materials and scale their website, they came to The Snug. We built new content management tools design assets that have given them flexibility as they've become a market leader in their industry.

  • Community Tax

    Community Tax

    Community Tax has helped their many, many clients figure out difficult tax issues and The Snug helped Community Tax expand their website and built support tools for internal client management.

  • Meridian Finance

    Meridian Finance

    The Snug designed and developed a completely custom WordPress based website for Meridian Finance Group that gives them full control over their content and analytics.

  • New Mexico Public Education Department

    New Mexico Public Education Department

    We built a micro site for the New Mexico Public Education Department to provide a guide to parents on how to support their child's learning.

  • QuartzB2B


    QuartzB2B is a force in lead generation and conferences that connect businesses with industry partners. They came to The Snug to build a website for their primary offerings.